DMX (Digital Multiplex) is a protocol of digital control in lighting technology. In particular, this control is used for stage and event technics. For effective lighting outdoors, e.g. buildings, parks, DMX is used as well. Since you can achieve a number of special effects with its control, this BUS is also used in the smart home and above all for decorative light. The BUS was standardized in 1986. There is a 5-pin control cable for operation. Up to 32 devices with up to 512 channels can be operated on this control line. In the meantime there are solutions via radio and the normal network cable. Before the LED radio systems came on the market, DMX was the solution for RGB light. The DMX was an interesting extension for Smart Home with KNX, so there are some direct gateways offered. Consumer electronics manufacturers also had one and another system with a DMX connection. There are even gateways to the DMX for expanding DALI. It should be noted that light sequences and scenes are created in the DMX, so they are only started. If you don't necessarily want to control RGB light by radio, DMX is the solution.