LON (Local Operating Network) is a fieldbus standard for building automation, based on separate wired network structure. The LON was developed by Echelon Corporation in 1990. This BUS quickly became an international standard. In early 2000, in Europe the LON was in close competition to the EIB (KNX). Some European manufacturers also had both BUS systems in their portfolios. From the beginning, LON was more focused on the rather difficult topic of HVAC control for large projects, but included all other applications. Communication in the BUS (LonTalk) consists of standardized and manufacturer-specific data protocols, processed in a uniform controller (called node). Interchangeability is therefore possible if the manufacturer-specific adjustments are disclosed. The LON also opted for IT infrastructure at an early stage. This structure and the possibilities in the HVAC area gave me the opportunity in private luxury projects to equip with LON - especially Russia. Now, due to the great density of the BUS systems in the IT structure, the growth of smart homes in the private sector, the LON has been replaced by global leadership. There have been major changes in the area of ??manufacturers. LON is still very important for commercial and municipal construction. With the development of new high-performance controllers, LONmark, organization of LON manufacturers and integrators since 1994, is active in the building automation market.