With passion and expertise, I have been active in the smart home and building automation sector for more than 20 years. In the course of my professional development, I worked as an engineering consultant in the international sales department of a renowned manufacturer and co-founder of the European Installation Bus (EIB). I witnessed the development from EIB to KNX as a new era of system development. In view of the initially expensive costs and limited functionality of KNX, especially in private use, my focus was on system integration at an early stage. I initially implemented smart home functions with the ELV FS20 system. However, with the emergence of new systems and increasing security requirements, the challenge of combining different platforms grew. The rapid increase in smart home systems is reflected in a constantly growing variety of functions and products. This dynamic requires ongoing adaptations and enhancements to existing systems, to which I dedicate myself with commitment and interest.

I have been working as an independent consulting engineer for building automation since 2004. Originally, my focus was on consulting and support with an emphasis on European countries. Now I concentrate on the local market. With extensive knowledge and experience from a variety of projects and systems, I offer my services in the smart home sector. I test new firmware for products and edit their documentation for manufacturers, or provide support, as well as help with the commissioning and integration of devices and systems. The variety and selection of smart home products is almost unmanageable. Many manufacturers offer some of their devices with interfaces or their own applications for control, sometimes software modules or apps. It requires a high level of interest to keep an eye on the continuous developments.

The purpose of this Internet presentation is to provide information on what to look out for in smart home solutions. My presentation of the systems is not a comprehensive knowledge database, but rather an overview of the systems I know and use.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me: uwe(at)house-bus-systems(dot)com